Black Cries

I’m tired of all the killings
My God what are they doing!

Equality is a must,
but the world is so unjust.

Unsettling in its ways:
these are definitely the last days.

Modern day warfare;
Is all I see, it’s all I hear

I cringe at what society produced,
Oh they’re killing our helpless youths.

The melanin in our skin
Makes them think they can win –

win this battle of the human races
Oh the fear in their faces

What are they so afraid of?
There’s no unity, there’s NO LOVE!

BUT that’s all a big excuse,
just to have a reason to abuse

Why are we even fighting?
All this drama isn’t helping.

United we should stand,
Holding each others’ hands

Our voices need to be heard
All this hating is so absurd

Because we are all nothing but flesh
Nothing more, nothing less.

So no one is better;
No more better than the other.

We all have blood flowing through our veins
Or did you forget, are you even sane ?

But nothing seems to give –
Oh Lord give us another day to live.

Today’s societies are corrupt
Our lives keep on ending so abrupt.

The laws are deemed insignificant
As they don’t apply to black Americans

The plague of lies they tell
This is all a living hell.

But we shan’t stay in our lanes
Oh our fight shall not be in vain.

In our bodies they shoot holes
But they could NEVER kill our souls!

Being black should NOT be a crime
These are truly the end of times

And I proclaim it very loudly.

-Channique Nathan



It’s funny how life forces us to move on. Ever-evolving. Forever changing. And allowing us to develop with it. But life is a process that pulls us into unfamiliarity and pushes us so far off the cliff to places we never imagined to be. And that my friend allows growth to take course in our lives. We are forced to conform and adapt to the changes that occur in the environments around us. And this helps us to define what is to be throughout time and space affecting our lives forever. Life is a journey. A journey that shan’t remain the same because it is a journey that never promised to meet our expectations nor to please us with the things we think are best fit to suit our wants and needs. It is a journey and we are the weary travellers. The travellers who are always on the go because life is happening around us. We have been taught through life’s many experiences that have made their way to the forefront of own individualized journeys. Life is a mystery and therein lies the beauty of it; the fact that we are left in complete suspense, left in awe, anguish, startled with fear, discouraged along the way, moved with the many emotions that cloud us in situations. Emotions that rid us of our own ability to be secured in our own selves because we simply cannot contain ourselves nor realize in the moment that we become slaves. Slaves to these emotions. But what can we do? Well, nothing. We just have to learn to let go and allow what is to be, be. We have to learn to accept; to embrace; to live on because life is constantly changing, developing, moving. As life happens around us, so we shall move at the pace of the beats that echo throughout the hearts, bodies, minds and souls of us as individuals. We have to pull ourselves out of our comfort zones because eventually life will wanna take us with it and we can’t change what it intends for us. Life.



There is beauty in all you have been through. Never take for granted your past and what you have gone through to be where you are today. There is beauty deep within your soul; deep beneath what is seen above the surface, a beauty that goes beyond your skin and your external features, one that is so precious and so rare. You are beautiful in every way, of every day. And your story is one that no one will ever understand. It doesn’t matter, it’s okay. Not everyone will appreciate you. As a matter of fact, we are so flawed that we ourselves can’t seem to understand sometimes what others have been through.

We all have scars, scars that have been buried within us, scars that we sometimes are ashamed and afraid of revealing but know that there is beauty in those scars cause it made you become stronger and much wiser. No one can be you, no one ever will be you, so appreciate YOU in every way despite the battles you’ve faced in your life, cause … YOU did that, YOU overcame those battles whether you’d like to believe it or not. You’re still here aren’t you?? YESS! And those scars that are left should be worn proudly and confidently cause you fought yourself through and you did it, you made it. You are a warrior. You are powerful. A fighter. The perfect YOU! BEAUTIFUL. #thereisbeauty 💕


Love: Redefined

Love: Redefined

Lead will be lead until it can be lead no more;

Silver will be silver until it can be silver no more;

Gold will be gold until it can be gold no more;

and a human, a human will be human until he can be human no more …

For love acts on all things, making them better all throughout time and space:

A single grain of sand can become a mountain through love;

a mustard seed bears a fruit that is almost unbelievable compared to its size.

So are we capable of expanding beyond our body’s limits:

as above; so below.

That which is inferior shall become superior and that which is superior will accept that which is inferior,

for all things are one; emanating from the all from the beginning of time and space.

Life exists throughout the ages, constantly changing, ever evolving, ever reaching towards the light, escaping into new heights.

That which finds the light remains; that which has not found it, searches;

that which is ignorant of its own search for the light; does not exempt it from the journey.

For all things that exist are all constantly changing, evolving into one thing.

That which came from the all is only seeking to become one with the all again.

Love is the cause, love is the key, love is what causeth all things to become one;

For only love transcends time and space and is the language of God.




God has given you something beautiful within, a purpose that seeps through your veins, that is so special, so carefully woven into your flesh, that is undeniably unquestionably YOURS! Water it, nurture it and let it grow. Use the platform God has provided for you to help others and to show them that even though life is one heck of a journey, they are bigger than any obstacle they could ever face.

God needs you to fulfill your purpose. You’re not just here to die but to journey in this life using every single day you are given upon this land to make a mark as little as you think it might be. Let this world be your canvas, you’re the artist and your heart will be all the tool you need. Your mark will add beauty to this world and when you die God will be proud of you.

Being alive doesn’t even mean you’re living. Don’t just live to die. Live to fulfill, live to inspire others and live through your purpose. Only then you will realize that life is meaningful, you are special and God is truly amazing to have foreseen your potential. He built you with so much power that you are yet to fully utilize, realize and capitalize on.

Life is beautiful and you are just as special as every day you are given to see that. Even when you inhale negative, exhale positive… cause no matter what you go through, you’re gonna rise above it all and you’re going to use every bit of what God has given you to make a difference cause you can.

Take my word, let your beauty radiate from within; the piece of you no-one can snatch from you cause God made sure to stitch it so well into your being, so deep into your soul that it shan’t depart from you. Let your purpose resonate and echo. Use up your existence to the fullest potential. Be a reflection and an exemplification of God’s immense love for humankind through your actions and good deeds. Make God proud!

Love always,
Channique x