The Transitional Phase

The transitional phase is the hardest. It is the place where we learn to maneuver, the place where we learn to adapt and to accept the change that is about to come. Transition is a phase of shedding and reclothing. It becomes such a daunting period that really transforms us. It shakes us up from… Continue reading The Transitional Phase


We are truly just vessels in this life. We are the beautiful handiwork of God's hands. His blueprint is within us; His purpose is upon us. We are guided through this life by His still powerful voice yet sometimes we hear but choose not to listen. We are being inspired every minute of every day… Continue reading Obedience!

Our Personal Chauffeur!

I had a dream last night. I felt, acknowledged and understood God's beautiful message. I am always so amazed by Him and the reassurance and clarity of His handling in my life (pun intended, you'll understand soon).😉 So, in my dream I was picked up at a particular location and was being carried away by… Continue reading Our Personal Chauffeur!

Elevation Requires Separation

When God separates you and puts you in a place where you feel like you're all alone, just know that He planted you to grow in Him and make manifest the glory of Him.He made you a home in the middle of nowhere because He wants you to see Him for who He is and… Continue reading Elevation Requires Separation